Back to work

Posted by daniel on 26 July, 2011
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After some "forced" vacation, I am back to work. Things I have been doing:

- Got a Kindle: After considering for a while, I made my decision. While an tablet has its advantages, an e-book reader with e-ink is worth it. My eyes usually get tired quite fast when reading on LCD screens. E-ink does seem like reading on paper. Among different brands of e-book readers, I chose Kindle because of one particular feature (which I couldn't find on others): it has a keyboard so we can highlight and write notes on texts. Those notes can be retrieved later as a text file.

- Started reading Carl Sagan's Cosmos. I am half-way through it now. An interesting history of science that makes me think a lot about how I approach science. I will probably write a bit about this on a later post.

And, yeah... I went back to my research. While I cannot say much about it yet, I can say that I have had some interesting times with Inferno-OS.

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Hello, World!

Posted by daniel on 04 July, 2011
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Welcome to my new blog!

This is supposed to be a bilingual blog: English and Brazilian Portuguese. Hopefully, I will keep both translations synchronized, but don't be surprised if you look for a translation that does not exist yet.

If that happens, please, do let me know.

And thanks for your visit!

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