Trying Mageia

Posted by daniel on 27 July, 2012
Category Linux

For the first time in a long time, I decided to go out of my "comfort zone". I would try a distro that wasn't based on Ubuntu or even Debian. I needed to change my installation anyway, from 32 to 64 bits, so I used it as an excuse for my adventure.

I decided to try Mageia, a distro which is derived from Mandriva (from the company created by the fusion between the French Mandrake and the Brazilian Conectiva), just like Fedora derived from RedHat.

Unfortunately, my experience was not really pleasing. The DVD installation didn't work. When I booted my computer, the graphical driver wouldn't work. I ended up successfully installing from the Live CD. But, with my lack of familiarity with the environment (e.g., "Where is the "apt-get" equivalent?"), I found the system quite unstable.

I even tried Enlightenment (E17)... Honestly, it was pretty but not really good. I found E17 to be too slow and with too much animation. I think that a more efficient configuration tool that allows fine-tuning might make E17 a more interesting alternative.

As Sheldon said once: "There is a reason for why it's called 'comfort zone'". So, at least for now, I am going back "home". This afternoon/night, I'd be reinstalling Linux Mint 13, (now the 64 bit variation) running LXDE. When time permits, I might do another adventure in another "foreign distro".

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