Now, Xoom™ing with Ice Cream Sandwich

Posted by daniel on 22 June, 2012
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I have recently starting using a Motorola Xoom™ with Android 4.0 (Ice Cream Sandwich).

My cellphone has Froyo (Android 2.2) installed and, comparing to that version of Android, the ICS came a long way and it's a lot better. First thing I noticed was that we can now organize the home screen putting Icons into "folders", just by moving an icon over another one. While I used all the five home screens in my cellphone and feel I needed more, with this feature, I don't use more than 2 home screens in the Xoom.

What I didn't like much was the camera. I have tried to take pictures of my daughter and I barely can get one that is not blurred. (Granted, my daughter simply can't be still for a picture... too much energy!) On a good side, I really like the landscape option for the camera. It worked nicely... Now I just need to get an opportunity to find a nice landscape to photograph.

In terms of performance, I don't know if it's because of the limited number of applications I am using, but I really find the tablet to be quite fast and battery has lasted a bit more than one day (with moderate use, which I find it to be acceptable.

Also, I liked the fact it has 32GB of internal storage (which is a lot compared to other products) and still accepts micro-SD card.

My favorite apps for it, so far, are:
- ConnectBot: a SSH client for Android
- Hacker's Keyboard: A substitute for the original keyboard that gives you a PC keyboard on screen (with numbers over the first row of letters, for example).
- Apex Launcher: "Launcher" is the android equivalent to Windows Managers in Linux. This one is quite light and provides some nice customization options, including number of home screens and animations.



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